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Northwest WageLaw, LLC

A  t  t  o  r  n  e  y  s        a  t         L  a  w

The mission of Northwest WageLaw, LLC is to even the balance of power between employers and employees by giving employees a way to recover wages wrongfully withheld from them by unscrupulous employers.


Northwest WageLaw is there to champion the causes of wronged employees by providing legal services in all the courts available to enforce the wage and hour laws of both federal and state governments. Through the use of class action and individual wage claim actions, Northwest WageLaw protects the rights of employees to be paid all their wages.


Northwest WageLaw, LLC
9220 SW Barbur Blvd
Suite 119-312
Portland OR 97219-5428
Telephone: (503) 295-0431
Fax: (503) 265-8244

EMAIL: Information@NorthwestWageLaw.com


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