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All employers must pay their employees at an hourly rate of pay which is not less than a rate set by the US Government and by some states. Both the States of Washington and Oregon have minimum rates of pay which exceed that of the United States federal government.


Employers violate the minimum wage laws in many ways. An employee who has not been paid minimum wage has the right to recover the unpaid wages plus a penalty of 30 days wages for the violation of the law in Oregon or an amount equal to the unpaid wages in Washington. If you believe that, in the last two years in Oregon or three years in Washington, you have not been paid minimum wage for each hour that you have worked, please fill out the form on this website. An attorney will contact you soon to discuss your case.


Of the many ways in which employers violate the minimum wage laws, the most common occurs with employees whose regular rate of pay is exactly minimum wage. If the employee works more hours than the employee is paid for, then in addition to a basic wage claim, the employee also has a claim for minimum wage. For example, if the an employee works 21 hours but is only paid for 20 hours at minimum wage, then the average rate of pay is the total amount of pay divided by 21 giving a result which is lower than minimum wage. Therefore, if minimum wage is $7.00, then 20 times $7.00 is $140.00 which in the example above is the total pay. But if the employee actually worked 21 hours, then the average rate of pay is $140.00 divided by 21. That result is $6.67 which is obviously less than $7.00. This example is a clear violation of the minimum wage law. Most violations of the minimum wage law are variations of this example.


The case of an employer simply paying less than minimum wage is relatively rare and usually involves an employee who accepts the low pay in return for payment in cash and no records. Such an employee is still entitled to recover the unpaid wages and the additional damages for the violation.


Northwest WageLaw, LLC represents all kinds of employees without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. If you have unpaid wages of any kind, including minimum wage, complete and send the form on this website.


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