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GARY ABBOTT PARKS, Attorney at Law


Since entering private practice in April of 1994, Mr. Parks has represented employees from a variety of job descriptions including hourly paid retail workers, salespeople paid on commission, truck drivers, accountants, auditors, mortgage loan workers, and many more. He has practiced in United States federal courts and in the state courts of Oregon and Washington.


Mr. Parks has participated in both individual and class action cases recovering millions of dollars in unpaid wages. He takes great pride in being able to right some of the ills of a society that places so much power in the hands of so few.


Mr. Parks graduated from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon in May of 1993. He immediately passed the Bar Exam of the State of Oregon and was admitted the Oregon State Bar in September of 1993. After passing the bar of the State of Washington in 1994, was admitted to the Bar of Washington.


Law is a second profession for Mr. Parks. In an earlier career as an Information Technology provessional, he designed, programmed, and managed the installation of many computer systems for both private companies and government entities. Ready to undertake a new challenge at midlife, Mr. Parks returned to his youthful dream of becoming a lawyer and entered law school in 1989.


Mr. Parks is married to Diane, an ordained minister whose calling is to bring healing to individuals and groups in transition. He is also the proud father of two sons: Adam, who provides his skills as Lighting Designer and Lighting Director for international stars such as Harry Connick, Jr., and Patrick, who enjoys a career in law enforcement in New York State after dedicated US Army service including hazardous duty tours in Bosnia as an Abrams tank technician and in Iraq as commander of a Bradley fighting vehicle. Mr. Parks is the grandfather of an aspiring journalist, Breanna, age 16, and Zacharie, a 10 year-old student who his grandfather hopes will follow in his footsteps as a protector of the powerless against giants of commerce.


*Legal education dedicated to the memory of my mother, Blanche Abbott.


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