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Northwest WageLaw, LLC is an Oregon based law firm dedicated to making sure that employees throughout the Pacific Northwest get all the pay they have earned.


If you worked in Oregon in the last six years or Washington in the last three years, you may be able to recover unpaid wages and up to 30 days of penalty wages or double damages. If you have any reason to believe that you have not been paid any amount of wages you are due, no matter how small, contact Northwest WageLaw now and let us show you how we can help you get what you deserve.


Fill out the information form on this site, click the submit button, and someone will contact you. Or you can call toll free at 1 (888) 438-9143 or send an email information request to


All consultations are free and confidential. You will never pay us a fee unless we recover wages for you.


Employers have all the economic power in the employment relationship. They frequently abuse that power by:
  • Not paying for all time worked,

  • Not paying for overtime at the correct rate,

  • Not paying minimum wage for each hour worked,

  • Not paying the wage rate agreed on when the employee was hired,

  • Taking deductions from employees pay without the voluntary, written authorization of the employees,

  • Failing to pay employees all the wages due on time when the employee quits (usually not later than 5 business days) or is let go (usually the day of termination),

  • Not providing all rest breaks and meal periods required by law.

    The laws of Oregon, Washington, and the United States give employees the right to sue to recover their unpaid wages, penalties, and other damages. Through the use of individual and class action litigation based on these laws, Northwest WageLaw can recover millions of dollars in wages from employers who engage in conduct violating the rights of employees in the Pacific Northwest.


    Northwest WageLaw represents all kinds of employees including exempt employees such as executives and corporate officers, and non-exempt employees whether paid a salary or by the hour. Our clients include commissioned sales people, mortgage loan processors, factory workers, retail workers, inventory auditors, and any other employees who have not received all their pay.


    Northwest WageLaw takes on employers of all sizes, from small local material vendors to multi-national corporations. In representing our clients, Northwest WageLaw will travel almost anywhere in the U.S. to interview witnesses and get the facts.


    By pursuing only wage claims, Northwest WageLaw more efficiently brings the weight of experience, knowledge, and expertise at its disposal to get employees all the wages they have earned.


    Northwest WageLaw shoulders the important responsibility of private attorney general to advance the strong public policy of insuring that employees get all their pay on time by compelling employers to live up their responsibilities to honor the law, their commitments, and their employees.


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